Accreditation for Compliance


As a responsible provider, we participate in several accreditation schemes.  Health and Safety considerations are always important, especially when the service provided is in a public place, a client’s property or a person’s home. Work at height, plant, equipment and men at work will all pose a safety hazard.


The Health and Safety community has formed numerous accreditation or SSIP providers to help in the search for a responsible contractor. The top three Safety Schemes in Procurement providers are CHAS, Constructionline and Safe Contractor.  We are affiliated with all three of these organisations. Our diverse client base requires us to obtain a single accreditation, based on their affiliation, from a specific SSIP provider. This is why we carry three different certificates.

SSIP providers audit the company regularly, reviewing our safety procedures, and the paper trail this produces. They review our training matrix and the minutes of our operational and safety meetings. An SSIP provider will only award their accreditation when they are fully satisfied that we, as a company, are working safely and responsibly.


Accreditation Means Paperwork

A site specific Risk Assessment and a Method Statement is prepared for every property we service. If you need a copy for your files, please let us know.  We can also provide copies of our SSIP Certificates.