Commercial Window Cleaning – Experience Counts

Commercial and contract window cleaning has been at the centre of our business for 75 years.  Our contract work takes us all over the county, providing service for huge entities such as Local Authorities, building management companies and many, many national and independent enterprises; both large and small.

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We offer regular cleaning for interior and exterior of windows, including frames and sills. Many modern commercial properties use internal glass partitions and screens to break up large spaces and create modular rooms to enhance privacy.
All inside glass is cleaned using an applicator and squeegee.

There is window cleaning and then…

A Nicoll and Son specialises in commercial window cleaning which can inevitably take many guises, from tall multi-level buildings to a simple two storey office or retail space. Whatever you require, we will find a safe and cost effective method of cleaning.

Ultra-Pure or Squeegee?a731ba11d7ab6d9511ffd5a2829a3b99

Both these methods of cleaning windows have their merits.  Whilst the preference of the client is important, both methods will produce clean windows if they are scheduled regularly and cleaned properly. As a commercial window cleaning provider, our choice of systems is usually dependent on compliance with H&SE regulations.

Hydraulic Access

Some buildings need closer attention as there are some areas where even the high reach ultra-pure system falls short – the Juliette Balcony for example, or the Brise Soleil sun screen.

Image result for brise soleil

Brise Soleil panels can seriously impede access from below

Hydraulic access may be needed to clean these thoroughly by hand

At A Nicoll & Son Ltd, our trained operatives are licensed to operate hydraulic access platforms by the International Powered Access Federation – IPAF.


Some areas can only be thoroughly cleaned by hand

The high level windows, their frames and the support girders inside this 12 metre tall atrium can clearly be seen by the client and visitors from the staircase and landings. Once a year we bring an electric, narrow gauge scissor lift, through the standard double wide doorway, to deep clean all the high levels.

 Need your windows cleaning at home?

Window Cleaning

Windows are cleaned inside using an applicator and squeegee.


We also clean windows, frames and sills for many residential customers.  Our dedicated teams provide a thorough and efficient service for your home.


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gutters pic

Are your gutters causing a problem?

Blocked Gutters can severely damage your office or home – we can clear, flush and clean them.  We can also clean your soffits, fascia panels or your exterior light fittings.

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We use no harmful chemicals when we are cleaning windows



No harmful chemicals – the pole wash systems use only cool clear water, ultra purified to remove additives and minerals for a streak free finish.

The squeegee method uses a small amount of general detergent – same as the washing-up liquid you use at home. This is not added so much for the cleaning, but more to allow the blade to glide smoothly over the glass for a perfect finish every time.