Facilities Management – Bundle services to save

Facilities Management

We can provide a reliable service that will take care of several aspects of running your office or commercial complex, a single point of contact for any number of services.

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We will take care of the cleaning; early in the morning or later, after you go home.  We can also provide service during the day while you are there.

You can choose how long we should clean and you can set the schedule – how often we clean.

You may need a regular team of cleaners or you may only need one person – you choose.



Commercial Window Cleaning

Waterfed BrushesWe will clean the interior and exterior of windows including the frames and sills.  We can also include any blank or infill panels on your building and both sides of any internal screens and glass panels.

bathroom sinks


Need someone for a hygiene clean on the toilets and/or kitchenette?

We can send our mobile team – they can come in as often as you need to sanitize and freshen up your facilities and leave.


Shared Facility?

stairsBuilding Managers – are you responsible for the communal areas in your building? Lobby, corridors, stairwells and toilets?  It may be a shared office complex or residential accommodation.

We can prepare a schedule for you to include windows.  You decide on the frequency of cleaning.  Everyday, every other day, or once a week – you choose!

No available storage?  No problem.  This would be another job for our mobile team.


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Exterior maintenance – Car parks and gardens

We can cut your grass, trim your trees and shrubs and pull or spray your weeds.  Our landscaping team will take care of all your gardening requirements

Our teams will also look after your drives and car parks, collecting and disposing of any litter.  We will also come to the rescue if someone fly-tips waste at your facility.


Facilities ManagementSecurity

Do you need someone to open your facility in the morning and lock up in the evening after everyone has gone home?  We can provide that service.

If you need a higher level of security: A Nicoll & Son Ltd – Facilities Management can also arrange for a Security Service to monitor your alarms and your property with a scheduled patrol or permanent guard onsite when you are away.  We can also manage your visual security systems.

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Washroom Consumables

At A Nicoll & Son Ltd, we currently provide a monitoring service to building managers for their washroom consumables.

We presently supply toilet rolls, hand towels, towel rolls, hand soaps and other janitorial products to various customers through our subsidiary company: Lincoln Cleaning Supplies.  All are free delivery in and around the city and at wholesale prices.

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